Your producer for high quality
oil level sight glasses
made from brass,
aluminum and
stainless steel

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Our products:
Brass - Oil sight glass
º Group A
     - screwed from front
Aluminium - Oil sight glass
º Group B
     - screwed from front
º Group BS
     - hexagon, flanged
INOX- Oil sight glass
º Group VA
     - screwed from front
Special manufacture
º Group E
     - according drawing
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Over Mecanosol, S.L.

Mecanosol has its principal office in Vélez-Málaga, Spain, Andalucia. ( Maps Google )

Mecanosol produces since more than 30 years oil level eyes in brass, aluminium and stainless steel. Some millions of sold oil level eyes are the best proof of quality and capacity. Also in the future we will strive to improve and innovate our production.

Quality is the primary obligation

Mecanosol checks the quality of each oil level eye. We check the threads, we do pression tests and we check the torque during assembly. Oil level eyes of Mecanosol stand for high quality, which gives you security.

Control quality
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